We live in a polluted toxic chemical world. Like it or not we are exposed to synthetic chemicals on a daily basis - in our foods, cosmetic and skin care products and in the air we breath - The only way to protect yourself is to insist on Certified Organic products and produce as often as you can - ALL our natural cosmetics, skin care, beauty and probiotic products are USDA Certified Organic and completely free of ALL man-made chemicals. Say NO to harmful chemicals NOW.

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The impact toxic synthetic chemicals are having on the health of millions of people in the world today beggars belief. The Health-Report website is dedicated to exposing the truth about the damage being done to our immune systems and our long-term good health by man made synthetic chemicals. Chemicals which are found in virtually everything we eat and everything we use on our skin and bodies. Our toiletries and skin care products are made from a toxic mixture of unpronounceable synthetic chemical names and sold to us as skin "care" products. Household cleaning products are perhaps amongst the most toxic chemical products stored in the average house.

Did you know detoxifying your body by following a good elimination diet and restricting your exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals in all their forms, can set you on the path to recovering good health and well-being? Attention to nutritional support preferably Certified Organic probiotics and powerful anti-oxidants  containing all natural organic ingredients and using Certified Organic beauty and skin care products, may prevent many metabolic disorders occurring in the first place. Health and natural beauty is far more than skin deep. Your health depends entirely on what you ingest and absorb into your body! It is mainly what you don't put on your skin and into your mouth and absorb into your body, which will determine your good health and longevity.

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A Selection of in-depth health reports FEED BACK

image of sample warning labelImportant NEWS - FDA calls industry's bluff on product safety - Acting on a petition filed June 14, 2004 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), on February 3, 2005 the Food and Drug Administration issued an unprecedented warning to the cosmetics industry stating that the Agency is serious about enforcing the law requiring companies to inform consumers that personal care products have not been safety tested.

Allergy Overload - Are the foods you're eating, combined with chemicals causing unexplained symptoms? Doctors treat you with drugs for the symptoms and more often than not exacerbate the problems . Body toxicity is a serious cause for concern if allergic and intolerant responses are being experienced. Excellent in-depth article on this perplexing subject.

Aspartame Toxic Effects: Very serious concerns exist about the problems this chemical has caused for so many people - from irregular heartbeat to MS type symptoms and muscle twitching to seizures in susceptible people. Get the facts! Feedback on aspartame from an "Architect" ?

Babies Being Poisoned in the Womb - Shocking confirmation reported by the Daily Mail our unborn babies are being subjected to high levels of toxic chemicals at the time that they are most vulnerable. Think carefully before exposing yourself to toxic chemicals no matter where they occur

Baby Food Contains Semicarbazide - CANCER Alert! Research has shown for years that semicarbazide is a DNA disrupter and a potent carcinogen - found in disturbingly high levels in all screw top glass jar baby food and almost all other bottled products! Latest findings.

Benzene - Potent Cancer Causing Chemical in Soft Drinks - CANCER Alert! In a very limited sample of products, FDA found two popular drinks—Safeway Diet Orange and Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange—with 17 times more benzene than allowed in tap water, and six other products with benzene at levels two to four times the drinking water limit. Many other products had detectable levels of the carcinogen.

Breast Milk Contaminated with Toxic Chemicals - Flame retardant chemicals used in industry and in the environment and on our clothes and our furniture are adding substantially to the chemical bodyload of everyone in Western countries. Like it or not your body is contaminated with these insidious chemicals. Our future is jeopardized by poisoning our most vulnerable citizens with  contaminated breast milk direct from our own contaminated bodies. It is a disaster in the making!  A recent study found "We detected them in the body of every participant, regardless of their occupation, diet, or lifestyle."

Business Opportunity Organic Industry - Join the fast growing organic industry by starting your own home based business. Network Marketing opportunity. 100% synthetic chemical free products certified organic by USDA Organic - ACO - JAS - BFA

Cancer Reports Ten FREE email reports on the role toxic chemicals in our toiletries and environment play with the onset of cancer and how to protect ourselves. Sensitive information we cannot publish on this website. Vested interests don't want you to know what is in these reports.

Certified 100% Organic: What does this really mean and can you trust manufacturers when they say their products are "natural" and "organic". The cynics amongst us are totally justified in the criticism of the cosmetic industry's loose interpretation of the words "natural" and "organic"!

Children and Toxic Chemicals - What is the real price we are paying for chemicals. The price is much more than just than skin deep!

Children and Our Unsafe Planet - Dr. Blair Barone has over 20 years of experience when it comes to understanding and helping children with various life challenges. Formerly a Senior Supervising Pediatric Clinical Psychologist at Boston Children's Hospital in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and an Associate in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, she has evaluated and treated thousands of children from around the country and the world with a range of developmental, behavioral, medical, neurological, and psychological issues

Chemical Assault on a Species - Proof has existed for fifty years chemicals are causing dramatic increases in cancer and other degenerative disease. Read this startling report on the effects of chemicals on the Korean veterans and the Gulf War Veterans. Shocking revelations about the cover ups by governments and giant corporations alike.

Condoms May Poison You: Toxic Benzene and other toxic lubricants are finding their way into the bodies of victims and causing immune system dysfunction. Millions could be affected!

Cosmetic Regulations: "With the exception of colour additives and a few prohibited ingredients, a cosmetic manufacturer may, on his own responsibility, use essentially any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product without approval."

Eczema An expose of how chemicals play a major role in the onset of eczema in children and now even adults aren't immune from developing chemical instigated eczema.

Dr Samuel Epstein, MD., emeritus Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine University of Illinois and Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, is an internationally recognised authority on the causes and prevention of cancer... Read more about his work and background. CLICK HERE

Draconian Action Against Australian Natural Health Supplements: Is this the end of our freedom as we know it? Our freedom to choose how we look after our health. The action taken by Australian regulators will have irreversible repercussions throughout the world. YOU must stand up for your rights!

Fluoride in Tap Water Causing Bone Cancer in Boys: A disturbing new study indicates that boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of five and 10 will suffer an increased rate (up to 100% increase over boys growing up in non fluoridated areas)  of osteosarcoma - bone cancer - between the ages of 10 and 19.

Formaldehyde Toxic embalming chemical in YOUR bubble bath, shampoo and cosmetics!

Glutathione - Debunking the Myths: Many scientific studies have been undertaken on the body's master antioxidant, glutathione. Read why supplements containing glutathione simply do not work and are an expensive con.

Low Carbohydrate - More Protein - Moderate Fat: What are the facts about diets laced with carbohydrates and how do they impact on our health. Debunking the myths associated with meat and fat!

MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: - MCS sufferers are having a war waged against them by giant corporations with millions in funding to discredit MCS sufferers by calling these disabled people malingerers. Where is the justice in this world?

HRT The Indisputable Facts -  CANCER Alert "In all, 637 women died of breast cancer during the study. Women on HRT are twice as likely to die of breast cancer!"

Makeup - Are Toxic Chemicals Hiding in Your Makeup - CANCER Alert News item from EWG Environmental Working Group. The EWG have put together an extremely comprehensive database of over 10,000 chemicals found in makeup and rank them on a scale of 1 to 10 for carcinogens and toxic effects. Everyone should read this wonderful website.

Make-up - Are your cosmetics killing you - CANCER Alert You may change your mind about using hyped up alphabet soup chemicals on your skin after reading this report. The synthetic chemicals used in make-up are very largely unregulated giving the cosmetic and beauty industry free reign to make billions of dollars in profit.

Minerals - How essential are trace elements in our diet? Comprehensive report on how to get the best from your mineral supplements. Are they really essential?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity MCS a 21st century disease... A Dilemma for doctors. Many medical doctors dismiss MCS as a non-existent syndrome and refer severely affected patients for psychiatric treatment. A typical blinkered medical approach is found on "Quack Watch" which is a website supported by vested interests and the medical fraternity who deny chemicals have any effects on our health. Its about time these guys woke up to the disservice they are doing to the hundreds of thousands of people who are suffering from MCS. Perhaps they wont believe it until it catches up with them or one of their loved ones!

Natural Skin Care Nowhere does the word "natural" take a more gratuitous bruising than in the skin care industry. What does "natural" really mean? - The hype put out by skin care product manufacturers is vastly different to what the real meaning of natural is.

Obscene Drug Mark Ups of 30,000% Common. This report will make the average reader very angry when they realise just how little it costs to produce these "necessary" drugs which are prescribed to millions on a daily basis. No wonder the drug and chemical companies have so much power!

Parabens Breast Cancer Scare - CANCER Alert Toxic chemicals from underarm deodorants and other cosmetics can build up inside the body, according to a recent UK study. Parabens found in the tissue of breast cancer tumours from every sample tested. Cosmetic industry leaders say the chemical is "safe"

PCBs - Horror Chemicals - CANCER Alert Carcinogenic chemicals banned 27 years ago now showing up in farmed salmon at 100 times the safe limit!  Eat Wild Alaskan Salmon to be safe.

Petrolatum - Petroleum Jelly - CANCER Alert Among the studies linking the petrolatum impurity PAHs to breast cancer is a Columbia University study in which researchers found that the breast tissue of women with breast cancer was 2.6 times more likely to contain elevated levels of PAHs bound to DNA (called DNA adducts) than the breast tissue of women without breast cancer (Rundle et al. 2000). Serious questions need to be answered over the safety of petrolatum or petroleum jelly as it is more commonly known.

Phthalates - Gender bending and cancer causing dibutyl phthalate - toxic chemical extraordinaire  - common ingredient in hair sprays and cosmetics. "every single one of the 289 persons tested for the plasticizer dibutyl phthalate (DBP) had the compound in their bodies." Environmental Working Group - In depth report

Polluted Toxic Chemical Bodies  "WHEN MICHAEL LERNER volunteered to give blood and urine samples to medical researchers they found his body polluted with 101 industrial toxins and penetrated by elevated levels of arsenic and mercury".

Pollution Within - Modern chemistry keeps insects from ravaging crops, lifts stains from carpets, and saves lives. But the ubiquity of chemicals is taking a toll. Many of the compounds absorbed by the body stay there for years—and fears about their health effects are growing. In depth report by David Ewing Duncan - National Geographic Magazine Oct 2006

Prescription drugs - Those reviewed and approved by the FDA -- contribute to 100,000 U.S. deaths each year.

Propylene Glycol - Brake fluid/anti-freeze in YOUR skin care. Why are industrial users of this chemical warned to use protective clothing and and rubber gloves if the chemical is safe on your skin? Check your toothpaste and skin care products NOW!

Probiotics - A comprehensive look into the field of probiotics and the role they play in overcoming serious disorders such as Crohn's disease and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). You have heard of antibiotics, which simply means against life. - Consider probiotics FOR LIFE. Here at the Health-Report website we can recommend just one Probiotic formula. The Probiotics formula is fully certified organic by the USDA and contains not one or two beneficial strains of bacteria but 13 beneficial strains in total plus an incredible array of phytonutrients, minerals and amino acids and is the result of 20 years of extensive research. This unique and highly effective USDA Certified Organic formula is without parallel in the world and is giving amazing results for people with low levels of good bacteria in their gut. This report should be compulsive reading for anyone with Crohn's disease, IBS or suffering with Candida Albicans infestation. UK Info

Psoriasis - An in depth look at psoriasis and the causes. The role toxic chemicals play and the role of trace elements and minerals in the diet.

Saturated Fats - Age Old Proven Health Benefits - Saturated fats have played an exceedingly important role in fighting disease in past populations as our ancestors evolved. Read why lack of saturated fat is one of the prime reasons modern populations are suffering obesity and disease like never before.

Sodium Chloride - Good Old Salt - It is a very misinformed doctor or nutritionist that would suggest eliminating salt will reduce blood pressure or help to prevent heart disease. De-bunking the myths about the great salt mystery! Sensible sea salt intake extends life and may prevent many diseases!

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate/Sulfate) SLS - Engine degreaser in YOUR toothpaste and shampoo! SLS is often claimed by vested interests to be derived from natural fatty acids found in the coconut. Let's spare the coconut's reputation. There is nothing natural or safe about SLS!

Stem Cell Research - Embryonic Stem cells are constantly in the news lately. However, stimulating adult stem cells already residing in bone marrow to proliferate may be a a major medical breakthrough in the treatment of disease and maintaining wellness as we age.

Toxic Household Chemicals - We are being exposed to ever increasing levels of toxic chemicals in everyday household products. In many cases the manufacturer isn't even required to list the ingredients on the label, so you have no idea what you are exposing yourself and your loved ones to. This is cause for very serious concern! It is only YOU who can actually make a difference in YOUR life and in the life of YOUR loved ones. Read more about this ever increasing risk of contracting cancer which we are all facing.

Toxic Ingredients Directory - A comprehensive listing of common potentially harmful synthetic chemicals found in personal care products, skin care and cosmetics. See how many of these common synthetic chemicals you can find in your products

Toxic Ingredient Sleuth: What exactly does the hype mean on the bottle of shampoo or the tube of skin moisturiser. What do they mean by "natural"? You may be surprised to learn that a manufacturers definition of natural is vastly different to what you probably think it is!

Toxic Toiletries - Chemicals in our toiletries may be contributing greatly to the huge increase in cancer and other metabolic diseases.

Vegetable Oil Culprit in Blindness - It's spreading like a disease – a blindness called macular degeneration affecting at least 800,000 Australians and costing $1.5 billion per year in health care. God alone knows how many people are affected throughout "developed" countries.

Why We Cannot Trust Vested Interests Although the vast majority of company directors are decent and honourable people the system they are locked into, forces them to make decisions to protect company profit and to avoid being sued by shareholders, which could be completely against their own principles. Find out the truth about vested interests!

New Zealand MLM Opportunity

http://stem-cell-news.info/  Interesting blog on adult stem cell nutrition

Vested interests do not want you to know how to treat or cure yourself of metabolic disease.  Manufacturers of palliative drugs are not interested in finding a cure for anything, nor do they want doctors to tell their patients about natural treatment regimes!  If vested interests did find a cure for a particular problem then in all likelihood the drug would be astronomically expensive or it would not be marketed.  This is the way profit driven corporations operate. Read more about the reasons this happens

Prevention is far better than a cure!  A balanced approach to natural holistic health is the first requisite. Eliminate chemicals and use organic products and produce if at all possible and you will find most of the troublesome metabolic diseases that we are plagued by in our Western cultures, including cancer and heart disease, can be prevented from happening in the first place. Often the body can reverse disease conditions if everything is in place and the body can draw on the support it needs. However, there is no such thing as a cure for cancer or any other immune system disorder for that matter.  The body can recover from virtually any disease provided it can draw on what it needs. This means you may need to supplement with bio-available minerals and phyto-nutrients.

Fortunately for the enlightened people amongst us, a Holistic approach to Natural Health and nutrition will give any "body" the opportunity to heal and correct all underlying problems - thereby preventing metabolic disease taking hold in the first place.

The purpose of this UK Natural Health site is to bring you factual information without the hype often associated with crass commercial sites set up specifically for the purpose of trying to sell some questionable product to you. We bring you the facts about all aspects of health and nutrition in a balanced format. Importantly we do not make any medical claims and make every effort to present a balanced view in all aspects of an holistic approach to health.  NATURAL HEALTH Click to Enter   Please take your time to thoroughly explore this site on Natural Health. From toxic chemicals such as SLS sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, fluoride, formaldehyde, aluminium... to name just a few of the dangerous chemicals we are exposed to... toxic chemical additives in our foods to a proliferation of chemicals in the environment and the work place... we are being poisoned! Most metabolic disease such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and numerous auto-immune system disorders are caused by a metabolic imbalance due in large part to chemical exposure, adulterated denatured manufactured foods and refined carbohydrates.

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By publishing this Natural Health website it is our intention to increase public awareness of the dangers toxic chemicals pose to our health and the health of our loved ones.  It is our God-given right to live happy lives blessed with vital natural health.  Lives free of chronic disease and stress.  Free of the drugs forced on us by an over eager medical profession and the massive pharmaceutical industry. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person's immune system to cope and deal with the insidious invasion of chemicals into every facet of our lives!  Chemicals are everywhere!  In the foods we eat, our water, our personal care items and in the air we breathe.

Combined with a lack of essential trace elements, minerals and inadequate levels of phyto-nutrients and enzymes in our foods, chemicals and other toxic factors are contributing to a spiralling rate of metabolic disease such as cancer and heart disease. Also autoimmune problems such as arthritis, psoriasis and other disturbing conditions, ME, Crohn's disease, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and MS.  A host of other perplexing problems affecting Western civilisation are also increasing at an alarming rate!

"Never have we as a nation been so well fed... yet so malnourished when it comes to eating phyto-nutrient and mineral dense food."

"We all have the power within us, to recover from almost any chronic disease, provided all the materials needed to do so, are placed at the body's immune system disposal."

Please take your time to investigate this Natural Health website thoroughly.

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You will notice a distinct lack of graphics, hype and commercial products on this health site.  If you are seeking factual and unbiased information - not the crass commercial garbage which litters the Internet - you have found the right place.  Please take your time to thoroughly explore this site on Natural Holistic Health. From toxic chemicals such as SLS sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, fluoride, formaldehyde, aluminium... to name just a few of the toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis... toxic chemical additives in our foods to a proliferation of toxic and dangerous chemicals in the environment and the work place... we are being poisoned! Most metabolic disease such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and numerous auto-immune system disorders are caused by a metabolic imbalance due in a large part to chemical exposure, adulterated denatured manufactured foods and refined carbohydrates.

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice.  You should always seek advice from a health practitioner skilled in Natural Health and/or a medical doctor before self-treating any recognised medical condition.


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