Acupuncture... alternative therapy arising from ancient Chinese medicine. It involves the use of needles inserted into the body on meridian or acupressure points to help relieve pain and disease.

Generally Chinese physicians do not use acupuncture to treat psoriasis specifically.  However, it may be used in treating patients for other problems with the side benefit off stimulating the patients immune system and perhaps helping with any underlying psoriasis problem.  A double blind randomised study published in 1997 indicated that acupuncture was no more effective than "sham acupuncture" (placebo) in gaining results for people with psoriasis.  Nonetheless there are uncontrolled studies that show acupuncture can be an effective way of treating psoriasis.

As would be expected anecdotal reports are somewhat mixed with some people claiming good benefits and many claiming no change in the severity of psoriasis symptoms.  The people who have had good results, as is usually the case with alternative therapies, have usually persevered with the treatment for long periods.  Side effects are rare and would be most unusual in the vast majority of cases.  For anyone interested in an alternative therapy there is nothing much to lose by trying acupuncture apart from the cost of the treatment.

(Eds Note)  Acupuncture combined with a cleansing diet and lifestyle changes is much more likely to give positive results.  For a comprehensive report on psoriasis and the benefits of a holistic approach to health please read our free e-book on natural health.)

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