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Cancer Causing Chemicals  Article by Emily Yoffe
Cancer and Common Pesticides For years chemical manufacturers insisted their products were safe. Shocking report on lymphoma cancer and the role of pesticides
Ethylene Glycol Toxic cancer causing chemical found in cosmetics
Hormone Replacement Risks Dramatic increase in cancer risks for women on HRT
Killing Cancer Cells Safely Paper by Dr Julian Kenyon from the Dove Clinic
Toxic Toiletries and the role they play in cancer
Unreasonable Risk We are exposed to far too many known toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products
Health Report Comment:

BE SAFE!  Remove the potential cause of cancer from your diet and eat chemical free organic foods! For your toiletries and use safe non-toxic products preferably Certified Organic personal care products only. Women can use safe non-toxic alternative natural remedies for a safe passage through menopause with none of the horrifying risks associated with HRT. Ask for more information from the health-report support team if you want safe non-toxic natural alternatives to HRT drugs.