Does Sugar Cause Diabetes To Develop

Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?


Sugar cravings may indicate you are on a slippery slope to developing sugar induced diabetes later in life


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Adult onset or type 2 diabetes is associated with high levels of sugar in the bloodstream. It would appear logical to most aware people that eating too much refined sugar would have a bearing on developing type2 diabetes.

Insufficient Science About Added Sugar

The actual risk of developing diabetes from eating modest levels of sugar is relatively low as many other factors are also involved in the process such as trans fats, lack of exercise, and overall unhealthy diets lacking sufficient phyto-nutrients and trace minerals.

Assuming that eating too much sugar is the main cause of the disease diabetes is quite understandable. However you would be quite correct to assume too much sugar is in fact a leading cause of diabetes when people overdo their sugar habit.

There is no doubt in the minds of natural health practitioners and research scientist who aren't paid by the sugar industry to carry out research, that poor diet loaded with simple sugars, high fructose corn syrup and refined carbohydrates will lead eventually to developing type 2 diabetes in most people.

In some ways it's like cigarette smoking. Not everyone will get cancer after a lifetime of smoking. But many or most will. Same with sugar and type 2 diabetes. Most people who have a poor diet and eat far too much sugary food loaded with trans fats as found in pastry and deep fried foods, will, almost certainly develop type 2 diabetes as they age.

Sugar plays a huge role in the development of type 2 diabetes. It used to be called quite correctly "sugar diabetes" in the "old days" because doctors knew that too much sugar was a leading cause of the disease getting started in the first place. Sugar industry funded research managed to take the focus off sugar and onto saturated fats about 45 years ago so the word sugar was no longer associated with this terrible modern day man-made disease.

Independent scientific studies are showing very clearly, high levels of sweetened foods containing high fructose corn syrup and  refined sugars in the diet can markedly increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes over a lifetime. But according to sugar industry funded studies, sugar alone isn't necessarily enough to cause the disease on its own right. Technically they're partially right. It's only when too much fructose and sugar is combined will all the other anti-nutrients in the diet that diabetes prevails.

If you want to compromise your immune system and die an early death, then by all means eat nothing but sweet sugary foods devoid of nutrients. Combine the sugar with trans fats found in pastries in the form of hydrogenated vegetable oils and margarine, deep fried brown foods and heat extracted seed oils found in virtually ALL manufactured foods and you have a recipe for a health disaster including diabetes later on in your life. Diabetes is just one of the metabolic diseases that will find a home in a compromised body.

You may die decades before you would have, if you had limited your exposure to refined carbs and sugar, trans fats and heat extracted vegetable oils. They all contribute to inflammation and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis to name just a few prevalent aging problems most people seem to have.  In fact all metabolic disease is linked to inflammation so one way or the other sugar and refined carbohydrates will increase chances of leading a very unhealthy life as you age..

Studies show the more sugar was available in a country, the more diabetes the population had in those countries. For every extra 150 calories people in the countries studied had from all sources, the prevalence of diabetes rose by 0.1%. But if those 150 calories came from sugar about the amount found in a single 12 oz can of soda or soft drink, the proportion of people with diabetes rose much more, by 1.1%.

The link with sugar is unequivocal according to the science. Imagine what the increase in diabetes would be if you add in ALL the other anti-nutrients into the diet too, such as refined wheat and rice and trans fats and manufactured foods most people eat without a second thought about what is happening in their body. 

There is now no question that high levels of sugar and high fructose corn syrup in the diet lead to developing diabetes and have a far greater affect on the body than just being overweight. Slim or thin people are prone to succumbing to diabetes just as readily as fat or obese people if they have high levels of sugar and trans fats in their diet and consequently in their blood stream.

Almost without exception most will become type 2 diabetic within a matter of a few short years if they persist with a high sugar, refined carbohydrate and trans fats diet. So despite what the official line is from the medical fraternity who rely on industry funded "scientific" research, sugar is not just implicated in causing type 2  diabetes but it is the leading cause of developing type 2 diabetes in children and adults alike in all developed countries in the world.

It's mostly what you stop eating that will ensure you have a longer life free of diabetes.



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