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Eczema True Stories

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We publish these true stories of people who have found natural ways to overcome problems with eczema. Under no circumstances are you to take what is written here as medical advice. However we do retain the right to publish the truth about troubling conditions that doctors often have no answers for!
If you feel that toxic and irritating chemicals are causing skin conditions for you or one of your loved ones please feel free to contact us for advice or tell us your success story if you have found something that has helped you.

Eczema... Never too old

A Happy Child

Relief after years of suffering

Never too old to get eczema

"I have always been aware of chemicals causing health problems but never realised just how they can creep up on you and cause a problem which seemingly doesn't have an easy answer.

At 52 I started a part time job which involved farm work and relief milking of a dairy herd every second weekend. For the first couple of months everything was fine then I started to notice red raw areas starting on my face below my nose and each side of my mouth. I put this down to being exposed to cold drying wind and rubbed cream into them from the chemist. 

At first there was a some relief but then the problem became much worse. In desperation I saw the local doctor and he gave me steroid cream to clear it up which worked very well and the problem seemed to disappear. Then two weeks later it was back again and another cycle of steroid cream was started again. I hate having to use drugs that just treat the symptoms so started to carefully appraise my exposure to chemicals on the farm and my personal care products to see if I could pinpoint what may have been causing the problem.

I had been told by a friend that eczema was often associated with exposure to sodium hydroxide so I had a careful look at the chemicals in the dairy which were used for cleaning the equipment. Sure enough sodium hydroxide. Although I wore protective gloves and clothing, steam coming off the hot water was obviously causing an allergic reaction with the exposed skin on my face hence the eczema. I had also been warned by my friend that sodium hydroxide was found in common personal care products too and once sensitized to this chemical there would be an ongoing problem no matter where the contact came from.

To my horror I found I was brushing my teeth with a toothpaste which listed sodium hydroxide as one of the chemicals about halfway down the list of ingredients. Then I found it listed in the shampoo I was using as well and of course is an ingredient in common soap. To further compound the problem both the toothpaste and the shampoo contained sodium lauryl sulphate which I now know is just as much a culprit as sodium hydroxide in causing eczema and skin problems for sensitive people.

Well to cut a long story short within two weeks of stopping the use of the products with both the above chemicals in them and using 100% synthetic chemical free certified organic products, the flaking scalp I used to experience and the eczema on my face completely cleared. As long as I'm careful in the dairy and leave the room immediately when the steam is heavy I don't have any problem at all with ongoing eczema.

It makes me very angry to think manufacturers don't care about the toxic effects of repeated exposure to these so called 'safe' chemicals"

Bill H. Cornwall

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What a Different Boy

"Our 18 month old son Rex has suffered from severe eczema since he was just a few weeks old. Medical advice was to apply steroid creams regularly. Having read that steroids thin the skin this was the last thing we wanted to do with Rex so we began looking for an alternative to the medical advice.

Unfortunately, all the herbal creams and potions made for him by herbalists and other Health Professionals didn't seem to do very much at all. Next we tried a homeopath. Poor Rex had to endure many different remedies. His reaction to some of the potions was extremely bad and his condition became much worse after some of the "natural treatments". With some of the "natural remedies" there was an initial improvement but unfortunately this couldn't be maintained for any length of time.

We became resigned to the fact that the process of finding a suitable remedy or treatment was going to be long and distressing and maybe even a lost cause.

My friend Linda, who was right into Natural Health, had recently come across your Certified Organic product line and told us about it. She suggested to us we try using the same probiotic formula she was using for her family and change over completely to the synthetic chemical free organic products, for the entire house.

It all made so much sense what she was saying about the effects of chemicals on children. Not just with eczema but the impact chemicals and diet have on all of us. Initially we gave Rex just a quarter of a teaspoon of the probiotics and also threw out the so-called "safe and natural" shampoo (which had chemical names on the label we couldn't pronounce) and all the other chemical based personal care products in the house and started using only the Certified Organic products for all our personal care and skin care needs.

The results have been nothing short of amazing! His skin, after just 3 months, is now completely free from eczema and he has had no bad reactions at all to the probiotic formula or to the natural shampoos and skin conditioners. He just loves the organic shampoo because it is so mild. We used the organic body lotion to soothe and nourish his skin and the organic powder to help keep him dry at night in the sub tropical climate we live in.

We found the Spot and Blemish Gel worked wonders on the really bad red raw patches on his skin and took all the angry redness out of it in just a few days. As an added benefit, we found the Spot and Blemish Gel is highly effective at taking the itch out of mosquito bites too. We are plagued with mosquitoes here so this was a very
useful discovery for us.

Now Rex receives one small teaspoon of the probiotic formula each day (we also give him a mineral formula) and his skin remains perfect. Our whole family now use your products and we wouldn't consider using any other toothpaste or shampoo which contain toxic chemicals ever again."

Vanessa and Brian G. Qld Australia

Footnote: "We had spent over $2000 to try and "cure" Rex and travelled all over the place to visit many alternative
practitioners and skin specialists. It makes us angry to think some of the formulas doctors had specifically prescribed contained chemicals which are known irritants to the skin and made his condition worse."

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Relief after years of suffering

My earliest memories as a child were not happy ones. I seemed to be always suffering with red raw skin and often spent nights crying with the pain and itching. My poor parents were beside themselves but no matter how they tried to find something to help me nothing seemed to give any long term relief. Doctors were at a complete loss as to what was causing my problems

As I got older and into my teenage years the problem remained but wasn't as bad as when I was little. Throughout my teenage years for some inexplicable reason the eczema would flare up at times and be really sore and embarrassing for me. I thought it was from eating too many chocolates or sweets or something and this is what one skin specialist said I should cut out of my diet along with dairy products and eggs. None of the these recommendations made one little bit of difference.

I tried covering up the areas on my face with makeup when going out, but it always made it ever so much worse. I was starting to think there may have been a direct link between creams and lotions and makeup I was applying because it always became worse afterwards. I started suffering with mouth ulcers around this time too which persisted for years. They would come and go but were always so painful when I had them.

One day I happened to listen to a CD that a kind friend had lent me on which a well known BBC presenter was narrating about the harmful affects of chemicals in everyday products we weren't even aware of.  I was staggered and shocked when I heard what she was saying and I played the CD several times to absorb all the information on it. It was like a light going on in my head and it all started to make so much sense to me.

The first product I picked up to check the ingredients was a skin cream I used regularly, to my horror the main ingredient listed was propylene glycol and this was one of the chemicals mentioned on the CD.

I then looked at my shampoo and found SLS as being the main ingredient listed along with some very suspect sounding chemicals like sodium hydroxide and formaldehyde. Again these were chemicals mentioned in the CD as having known adverse effects on the skin and possible carcinogenic effects from the SLS and formaldehyde. I just couldn't believe that all these years my eczema problem may have been caused by allergic reactions to chemicals.

Well I believe it now! I threw every last product with any synthetic chemicals in them straight into the rubbish bin where they belonged and then went out to replace them with completely natural products from the health store. I was in for another shock. Do you think I could find a shampoo without SLS in it or a skin care cream without propylene glycol or toothpaste without sodium hydroxide and fluoride? No way! Even products claiming to be organic and sold in health shops had one or more of these chemicals in them. In fact a well known brand advertised on the TV that played on the word "organics" was actually one of the worst!

I took to just using water to bath in and nothing else and my skin started to improve immediately but the water on its own did nothing for my hair and I really needed something for my skin to moisturize it.

I did a lot of research on the Internet which was difficult because of the crass commercialism and incredible claims, but eventually I found a source of non-toxic Certified Organic products I could have delivered to me by a direct marketing company. My hair is once again so full of body and looks shiny and great and my skin, although it took around 4 months to come completely right, has never looked as good. The eczema has completely disappeared and has never come back in the 12 months I have been using these wonderful chemical FREE products.

I also supplement with omega 3, a bio-available mineral pro-biotic formula anti-oxidant/phytonutrient combination.... which have not only helped my skin but has given me so much more energy and get up and go.

I am now in my mid thirties and have never looked better or felt better in my life! Awareness is is such a great thing!

Kate M.

  Amazing Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

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