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We are constantly updating and collating information about psoriasis and effective treatments chronic sufferers have used to  good effect. Some alternative treatments, when used in conjunction with an elimination diet, nutritional supplementation and the removal of toxic and irritating chemicals such as SLS and Propylene Glycol (see Toxic Chemicals) from personal toiletries, can give excellent results for many people.  Psoriasis is a known immune system dysfunction disease and like all other auto-immune diseases, the body can eliminate the problem completely... provided the right conditions are created within to reach a state of balance.

"Cleaning up" ones diet by removing toxins will not only ensure better overall health, but also a marked improvement in the severity and incidence of psoriasis and other autoimmune problems such as asthma and arthritis. By taking this one step further and "cleaning up" your toiletries and throwing out the known problem products containing the toxic chemicals listed in the FREE e-book will help immensely.  A simple step by step approach to detoxifying your body and proper nutritional support, could well make the world of difference to you.  It all depends on you, just how determined you are in beating this frustrating problem.

Please fill in the fields below to gain access to this powerful life changing information. ALL fields required.  Once completed click on Submit at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to the link to the FREE Psoriasis E-Book report. The report is printer friendly or you can save it to your hard drive.  We suggest you print it out for future reference and also save it on your hard drive.  We look forward to helping you in your quest to rid your system of psoriasis. Please feel free to supply any feedback which you may think is useful for other sufferers.

This comprehensive and well written psoriasis E-Book is our way of saying thank you for visiting our Health -Report website. Please pass on the information to a friend.

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Psoriasis Home Page

  Amazing Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

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