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Toxic chemicals in cosmetics, personal - skin care products and toiletries pose an UNREASONABLE RISK to our health and the health of our loved ones. We can help you source Certified Organic safe non-toxic body care products, toiletries, skin care and cosmetics in MOST countries including... UK - USA - Canada - Australia - New Zealand - Europe - Japan - United Kingdom - Europe - Asia.

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Certified Organic Skin Care





Safe NON TOXIC USDA Certified Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics
ACO Certified ORGANIC - 100% FREE of ALL synthetic chemicals - made to FOOD GRADE standards - Our completely Natural Certified Organic Organic Skin Care products are available ONLINE at discount off retail for Organic Skincare CUSTOMERS. Now you can say NO to parabens - dimethicone - SLS - DEA - in fact you can say NO to ALL TOXIC synthetic chemicals as these products contain NONE.


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NO synthetic chemicals are used during the growing of the herbs and crops or in the manufacturing of the organic skin care  products. If you want to be 100% free of ALL toxic synthetic chemicals - Certified Organic Skin Care is the only way you can do this.
Read Toxic Chemical Detective and Toxic Chemical Dictionary

We provide this worldwide service in the interests of public awareness and would appreciate any help you can give in spreading the word by becoming an Associate of our Organic Movement - indicate below if you are interested and one of the support team will contact you.

Toxic Toiletries

Miessence Certified Organics According to recent daily use estimates, three personal care products are used on infants and children, men use ten personal care products, and women use six cosmetics and 13 personal and skin care products; some products are used several times daily.

Miessence Certified Organics Assuming mainstream industry products each contain only two carcinogens, this results in daily exposures to six different avoidable toxic chemical carcinogens for infants and children, 20 for men, and 38 for women

Miessence Certified Organics While the alphabet soup of chemical ingredients is listed on product labels, there is no warning as to the cancer risks from any of the known toxic chemical ingredients.

Miessence Certified Organics It's UNTHINKABLE that any woman would knowingly inflict such exposures on their loved ones and children... let alone on themselves... if products used were labelled with explicit warnings of cancer risks toxic chemicals posed!

Miessence Certified Organics It's UNBELIEVABLE that the powerful multibillion pound global mainstream industries continue to inflict such risks on unsuspecting consumers... especially as safe alternative non-toxic organic products are readily available!

Miessence Certified Organics It's UNACCEPTABLE that safe NON-TOXIC products are not the norm... but rather the exception!

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