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  Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

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The purpose of this UK Natural Health site is to bring you factual information without the hype often associated with crass commercial sites set up specifically for the purpose of trying to sell some questionable product to you. We bring you the hype free facts about all aspects of health and nutrition in a balanced format. Importantly we do not make any medical claims and make every effort to present a balanced view to an holistic approach to health. Welcome to the Please take your time to thoroughly explore this site on Natural Health. From potentially toxic chemicals such as SLS sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, fluoride, formaldehyde, aluminium... to name just a few of the synthetic chemicals we are exposed to... synthetic chemical additives in our foods to a proliferation of chemicals in the environment and the work place... we are being slowly poisoned! Most metabolic disease such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and numerous auto-immune system disorders are caused by a metabolic imbalance due in part to chemical exposure, adulterated denatured manufactured foods and refined carbohydrates.

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Please feel free to browse through all the information assembled on this site.  To make it easy for you to find articles and facts on specific diseases, use the alphabetical index to start your search.  For instance if you want information on psoriasis click on P then select Psoriasis from the next menu.  This will take you to an in depth site devoted entirely to the subject of psoriasis

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The site search engine facility can be used to find specific key words. For instance if you want all the information on psoriasis.. key in psoriasis and click search. This will list all articles where the word psoriasis is used. The pages will be listed in descending order rated on the importance or the number of times the key word appears in the article. If you want more specific information... say about psoriasis.. use a search term with the words you want to find.  You could try "psoriasis natural treatment" for instance.  This will list pages in order of importance as far as the key phrase is concerned.

We suggest you subscribe to our regular Natural Health Newsletter CLICK HERE  It is a way for you to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the world of Natural Health. We will include testimonials and real life stories from time to time, about people who have made good progress or recovered from specific diseases or health problems using completely natural means outside of the normal sphere of "Western Medicine". We will also pass on factual and unbiased reports on drugs and their side effects as they come to hand.

We reserve the right to allow you to access unbiased and factual information on all facets of health whether it is Natural Health and Alternative Therapies or the conventional Western approach of allopathic chemical (treating the symptoms with drugs) treatments.

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  Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

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