You Can Easily Avoid Lotto Scams

Use a Government Licensed Lotto Syndicate System

Avoid the Lottery Scammers by joining a licensed UK Syndicate System. The most trusted Lotto Syndicate in the World

UK Government Licensed Lotto Syndicate System - UK License # 44791

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When Joining a Government Licensed Lotto Syndicate System it Increases Your Chances of Winning Major Prizes Very Significantly

Lottery frauds and scams are everywhere on the Internet. When looking for a legitimate National Lottery Syndicate to join make sure it is government regulated so you don't get caught up in a lottery scam. An email is automatically generated and sent to winners in the syndicate. Legitimate lottery syndicate operators will have a list of contacts details which should include a physical address, an email address and phone number they can be contacted on. They should also have the license number of allocated to them by the regulating body prominently displayed on their website, mobile phone lottery, is the national lottery fake, has there been a lottery official caught cheating. Is the UK lottery rigged. The short answer is NO

How do you do recognise a Lottery Scam?
Step 1: You receive a letter, email or text message saying you have won a guaranteed prize in a lottery or competition that you did not enter.
Step 2: The sender claims they have identified you as a winner by randomly choosing your email address.
Step 3: Avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks for up-front payment via money order, wire transfer, or Western Union
Step 4: To claim your prize you are asked to buy a ticket, pay a fee or call a premium rate phone number. Rest assured it will be a scam!
Step 5:If someone asks you to pay money up-front in order to receive a prize or winnings, itís always a scam
Step 6: Read all the terms and conditions of any offer very carefully Ė claims of free or very cheap offers will generally have hidden costs.


Lotto Scam will be written all over it - if you read it thoroughly!

Do an internet search using the name on the letter or email to check for  any references to a lotto scam on the Internet.

Typical lottery scams involve sending messages through social media platforms advising recipients that they have won a lottery or competition of some sort. The scam artist will pretend that they are affiliated with the social networking lotto syndicate or some legitimate company to make it appear legal.

Lottery Scammers are all over the Internet.

Check to see if there is a Gaming License Number associated with the website first before you do anything.

For safety deal only with a UK Government Licensed Lotto Syndicate. You can rest assured no scam or fraudulent company would ever be given a Gaming License to operate in the UK and Europe as LotttoSpring does.

Check out their License Numbers  UK License # 44791 - International License # 129627