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Acai Fruit - Amazing anti-oxidant properties extend life
Agent Orange: Read the devastating effects the ruthless spraying of 245-T other toxic chemicals and associated dioxins on the jungles of Vietnam has had on countless ongoing generations of Vietnamese civilians,  Australian and US Servicemen. Dioxins are the same poisons found in many skin care products
Albert Y. Leung.  Dr PhD. Ms. Bs.  
Allergies and Food Intolerance - Conventional medical "wisdom" is to treat allergies with drugs. There are far better ways to overcome allergic and intolerant reactions. Excellent article by Dr Tim O'Shea
Aloe Vera Health Benefits -
Amigo Health - Anyone interested in the AmigoHealth business opportunity should check out this information before going ahead with the Amigo-Health business
Are Chemicals Killing Us? Article by Michael V Brooking and Naheed Zaman Michael Brooking is a practising Bioenergetician and a Consultant of Bioenergetic Medicine, carrying out product testing for health care companies.
Aspartame Toxic chemical extraordinaire or harmless sweetener?
Astragalus.... Healing Herb
Autism and Mercury - Deadly Immunity: Read this shocking report about  thimerosal, the preservative in vaccinations given to our children.