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Eczema Natural Treatment Eczema is a common complaint of childhood years yet it is generally very simple to discover the cause and eliminate the problem for good. Toxic chemicals are suspected of causing adult onset eczema.
Eczema True Stories: Read true accounts of how eczema has been beaten using holistic approaches to overcome the problem
Eczema and Sunlight Report in from the Lancet regarding Sunlight and Eczema
Epstein Dr Samuel Internationally recognised authority on cancer and its prevention
Eleuthero... Healing Herb  An ingredient in Dr Leung's Phytochi
Ethylene Glycol Toxicity This chemical is a common ingredient in  some personal care items and toiletries.
EU's tough laws forcing US companies to clean up their act - The USA attitude, when it comes to chemicals is to wait until there is a proven problem. The EU is saying if there is smoke lets stop it before the fire begins.