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Parabens - Toxic synthetic chemicals in deodorants - Possible cancer link
Paraben Free Deodorant - Certified organic deodorant completely free of all synthetic chemicals
PCBs Toxic Chemical Extraordinaire Nearly 30 years after they were banned the deadly toxic chemical PCB is now being found at over 100 times the safe limit in our farmed salmon from Ireland and Scotland. One of the most potent carcinogens known to man!
Pesticide Contamination of Soft Drinks As if it wasn't bad enough drinking carbonated sugary soft drinks or worse sweetened with aspartame - now toxic chemical pesticides are finding their way into cola drinks!
Pesticides Cause Cancer Non Hodgkin's lymphoma is the second-fastest-growing kind of cancer of all time. Common pesticides implicated in rapid spread. 55,000 new cases diagnosed every year! In depth report by Environmental Research Foundation
Polluted Toxic Chemical Bodies  "WHEN MICHAEL LERNER volunteered to give blood and urine samples to medical researchers they found his body polluted with 101 industrial toxins and penetrated by elevated levels of arsenic and mercury".
Propyl Alcohol - Isopropyl alcohol is an irritant of the eyes and mucous membranes; at high concentrations, it causes central nervous system depression

Psoriasis Free e-book could make the world of difference to psoriasis sufferers. A multi faceted approach may eliminate psoriasis completely.

Propylene Glycol Toxicity Common ingredient in virtually all personal care items and toiletries. Doubts exist about the long term and extended use of this "safe" chemical.
Phthalates  Gender bending and cancer causing chemical found in hair sprays and cosmetics. "every single one of the 289 persons tested for the plasticizer dibutyl phthalate (DBP) had the compound in their bodies."