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Teens and Toxic Skin Care Products - Do toxic synthetic chemicals pose a significant risk to teens
Teflon Toxic chemical outlasts DDT Severe health risk
Teflon Risks Not Reported by DuPont - Teflon manufacturer faces massive fines for non reporting of the risks
Teflon Poisoning Denied by Dupont - Dupont now in the frying pan!  By AMY CORTESE
Toxic Chemicals  The role they play in cancer
Toxic Chemicals in Food  Serious concerns are being raised about the long term damage to our health from chemical residues in virtually all foods.
Toxic Chemical Overload  Are Chemicals Killing Us?
Toxic Flea Treatment for Dogs - Toxic chemicals in flea treatments. Are slowly killing your best friend?
Triclosan Toxic chlorophenol chemical in toothpaste, insect repellent, dish washing liquid and cosmetics. Serious concerns raised!
TURMERIC  Healing Herb