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The deadly deception of aspartame continues.  We bring this information to you in the interests of public health. We have no commercial interest in reporting issues concerning aspartame nor anything to gain by reporting factual information about this potentially dangerous chemical and the toxic side effects.

Aspartame... Deadly Deception  
Aspartame Ailments  

Keep yourself up to date with all the breaking news on health issues as they come to light. We are in constant contact with sources all over the world and pass on interesting and worthwhile information about Natural Health issues.  We will also give you the opportunity to access tried and proven natural remedies for many of today's perplexing health problems, along with real life stories from people who have often made remarkable recoveries from so called "incurable" ailments.  This Health-Report site is mainly provided for residents of the UK.  However feel free to subscribe to monthly Natural Health newsletter no matter where you live in the world. 

After all, vital information on all health matters should be freely available!  We aim to keep it that way!

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  Amazing Stem Cell Research Breakthrough