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NZ PowerBall Online Players Can Now Join a Government Licensed Lottery Syndicate

LottoSpring the most winnable syndicate system for Kiwis to participate is some of the biggest lotto draws in the work for FREE

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LottoSpring Home Business Opportunity An informal lottery syndicate is when a number of people usually friends or co-workers get together to pool their money to buy Lotto or PowerBall tickets to increase their chances of winning a major prize in the New Zealand National Lottery.

The chances of winning a National Lotto PowerBall first division prize in New Zealand with a single 10-line ticket is around or greater than 1 in 3.8 million.

Add in the PowerBall aspect and the odds increase to about 1 in 38 million. The chances of winning are very remote indeed.

Basically it is a complete waste of your money. You would be better off to save it and invest over your lifetime rather than waste it on national lotteries you will never win.

Many people over their lifetime spend an incredible amount on lotteries and hardly ever win a thing. Recently I was talking to a friend about the new syndicate system.

He thought that $50 NZ a month was too much to be paying for entering a legal lotto syndicate like provide.

We then worked out how much he was paying each month to buy tickets in the weekly NZ PowerBall lottery it was well over $33.00 most months.

He had religiously bought NZ Lottery Tickets for over 50 years. The most he had ever won was $300. By his own estimate of what he had spent over his lifetime it was well over NZ $30,000

It was probably conservative estimate of how much he had actually spent in total during the entire period he had been buying NZ National Lottery tickets.

He was also buying scratch lotto tickets on a regular basis but he didn't take the cost of that into account overall.

Admittedly he did win a few $2 and $5 prizes with the Scratch Lotto tickets.

Compared with playing the legal syndicate system licensed by the UK government, he would have been way out in front with the syndicate system.

The best part of the syndicate system is that you can play it for FREE if you refer three friends to play in the syndicate too.

The lowest cost legal syndicate run by enters you into the EuroMillions and the Euro Jackpot. For a total of 177 lines per week. That is 708 lines in total per month.

With an informal lotto syndicate in NZ you could combine your money with others and a group of six could have 50 lines and increase the chance of winning a little bit, but nothing like the advantage that a syndicate would give you.

As the late actor Channing Pollock said, "money is like whiskey: a certain quantity of it improves the condition, but too much brings about bestiality".

Some of the biggest lottery syndicate fails that have brought out the bestiality in people have all been due to informal groups that never had a legal syndicate agreement from the start.


LottoSpring Home Business Opportunity Be safe. Join the legal lotto syndicate licensed by the UK government and enter into some of the biggest jackpots in the world for far less than you pay per line to play the NZ National Lottery now.

So if you're in an informal lotto syndicate in NZ or thinking of joining one, there are a few things you should do to avoid ruining friendships and hiring lawyers to sort the mess out afterwards. The most common winning lotto numbers in New Zealand are 1, 7, 13, 21, 38, 22, 36, 8, 27, So what are the odds of winning Lotto in New Zealand with an informal lotto syndicate agreement. The odds aren't very good at all. Many people also ask how many numbers do you need to win Lotto NZ and I always reply the more the better by joining a legal lotto syndicate that gives you hundreds of chances to win each month instead of just one chance. How to pick winning lotto numbers in the New Zealand lottery is much easier when in a syndicate as they are automatically allocated to the syndicate members in each draw. How do you play the powerball lottery in NZ and win everytime. Simple, increase your chances of winning a major lottery by entering into a legal lotto syndicate

LottoSpring Home Business Opportunity How to win NZ lotto the easy way. Learn the little known how to win lotto secret by joining an online Lotto Spring syndicate. Did you know your chances of winning prizes in the NZ PowerBall lottery is slim indeed .

A major lottery win is virtually guaranteed sooner or later when you join a licensed Lotto Spring syndicate. Small to moderate LottoSpring wins happen all the time because you're syndicate will be automatically entering into a minimum of 177 lines every week.

However, if you take out the Professional ProSpring option your chances increase dramatically due to your syndicate entering 1036 lines per 4 weeks and you are given FREE Blitz tickets that always win a prize .

LottoSpring Home Business Opportunity Learn how anyone could play major lotteries like the EuroMillions, EuroJackpots, MegaMillions and the USA PowerBall lotto for FREE and win prizes almost every time by joining a ProSpring legal online syndicate. Find three to join you and your entry is FREE.

LottoSpring Home Business Opportunity Professional Business Builders have the option of being ProSpring syndicate members and start playing each month for FREE simply by referring three others to play in the syndicate with them.

LottoSpring Home Business Opportunity It's an excellent and proven way to earn residual income regardless of what the winning prizes are. Major wins are just the cream on the top of what you could make every month from the ProSpring Business Opportunity alone.

LottoSpring Home Business Opportunity With a normal NZ PowerBall lottery you can buy more lines, which increases your chances from being extremely slim to just being very slim. Or you can join an informal Lotto Syndicate which will increase you chances a little more but then you have the potential for disagreements over how the winnings should be shared if a major win does take place for the syndicate.

Informal lottery syndicate disputes are notorious for causing problems between members with expensive legal battles being fought more often than not.

LottoSpring Home Business Opportunity The safest way is to use a licensed and legal lotto syndicate system that leverages your chances of winning hundreds of times over playing as single member buying lotto tickets.

Don't risk starting an informal lotto syndicate unless it is set up specifically for use in NZ and all members are protected in writing in a properly drawn up legal contract by a NZ lawyer.