A Lottery Syndicate Agreement Between Co-Workers is NOT Needed With The Lotto-Spring System

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A lottery agreement between co-workers may be a good idea if you are considering an informal syndicate system with friends. More often than not greed tends to take over with numerous examples of unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of others in the informal syndicate structure. Private lottery syndicate agreements and templates are completely unnecessary when joining a government licensed syndicated system as the Lotto-Spring system is. When the syndicate wins prizes and it does win prizes every draw, the lottery syndicate payments are automatically paid into your personal syndicate account automatically. There is no argument over how much money is to be divided. It's all done for you automatically. Forget all about any lottery syndicate agreement form, lottery syndicate agreement pdf. No need for lottery syndicate spreadsheets to download or any lotto syndicate pack agreements. In most countries there is no tax on lottery syndicate winnings