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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity MCS is an insidious problem which creeps up on many people without them being aware of the real reasons for their tiredness and ill health. The permeation of toxic man made chemicals into every aspect and facets of our lives is destroying the health of millions of people in the world today. It is our intention to try in our own small way to make at least a few of you more aware of the incredible long-term risks we are being exposed to by BIG BUSINESS and the ruthless pursuit of corporate profits and the reasons Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is so common now!

Please read the articles we have assembled on the problems associated with toxic chemicals and MCS. It doesn't stop with MCS however - the over all problem is much bigger with many chemicals known to cause cancer and other metabolic diseases. Read our other reports

Gender Bending Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

Carcinogens in Toiletries

Toxic PCBs at 100 times the safe level in farmed salmon.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Agricultural Chemicals NZ One mans story of his plight and his fight to regain health.
Pesticides and MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity BBC News Item
Agent Orange The lethal cocktail of chemicals sprayed onto the Vietnam jungles leaves a deadly legacy 40 years later. Multiple Chemical Sensitizing on a mass scale
Chemical Companies Declare War on the people least able to defend themselves - MCS sufferers are being ridiculed and called malingerers.
Organophosphates Implicated in MCS. Toxic chemicals commonly used for insect control but originally developed by the Nazis as nerve agents are implicated in being one of the causes of MCS
Many more MCS reports coming!

  Amazing Stem Cell Research Breakthrough