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Safe and Non-Toxic - Natural Organic Toothpaste

Certified Organic and natural toothpaste to cleanse and brighten your teeth with bicarb soda and refresh your breath with antibacterial essential oils. Soothes the gums with Celtic sea salt.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of certified organic native Australian herbal extracts, purified water, bicarbonate of soda, non-gmo xanthan gum, certified organic Celtic sea salt, certified organic lemon, certified organic lemon myrtle, organic grapefruit extract, organic stevia extract.
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All ingredients 100% Synthetic Chemical-FREE and USDA Certified Organic
Stem Cell Nutrition ?

Lemon Toothpaste


Say NO to all toxic chemicals! Certified Organic is your assurance of being synthetic chemical free!


Look for the Certified Organic labels - 100% synthetic chemical free

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