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Breakthrough Adult Stem Cell Nutrition

Genuine New MLM Business Opportunity... Creating Future Millionaires

New MLM/Network Marketing company. Secure your own top level position ASAP in this network marketing company start-up.  An MLM industry giant is being created... get in on the ground floor... Register your interest now at this vital pre-launch phase - experienced networkers needed to handle the MLM leads we generate

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A unique opportunity to establish a lucrative home business, utilizing

a direct to consumer MLM/network marketing business model, designed to maximize YOUR earnings and get YOU making money in the fast growing Adult STEM CELL Nutritional field.


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NEW MLM Business Opportunity Compensation Program:
Experienced MLM industry leaders, have created an innovative Compensation Program, designed to offer exceptional rewards for new Network Marketing Distributors and experienced MLM campaigners alike. Perhaps the most likeable aspect of the Stem Cell Nutrition home business is the fact it is fun and enjoyable to work in, whilst having the support and training of some of the most highly respected MLM professionals in the Network Marketing arena!

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NEW MLM Business Opportunity Seamless compensation plan... pays globally:
The compensation plan is completely seamless enabling you to build your business across international borders throughout the world. At last, an organic fully integrated seamless sponsoring compensation plan, will markedly increase Distributors potential to earn an income from many corners of the globe using standard MLM techniques. Distributors are no longer limited to within the country of residence, compared to the outdated Comp Plans of yesteryear. True global residual income is the result!

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NEW MLM Business Opportunity 100% retail bonus payout:
Distributors are compensated a lucrative 100% of the retail bonus. The exponential income on retail volume is often overlooked by many MLM/Network companies. New distributors with the MLM Stem Cell Nutrition company can look forward to instant profits from their own customers and also partake in the commissions pushing upline on all retail sales made downline to five levels deep. Not only that, ALL distributors qualify for rebates on their own retail sales adding even extra income at the most crucial time for new Reps... when they first start!

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NEW MLM Business Opportunity Director breakaways remain in your downline:
In many MLM compensation plans qualifying Executive/Director leaders break away thereby decreasing the commissions earned by upline leaders. Executive/Director breakage does not occur with this compensation plan. The MLM leaders remain in your downline and continue to provide multiple income streams.

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NEW MLM Business Opportunity Revenue-sharing pool for unearned commissions:
Most MLM companies will keep unearned commissions for their own use. Our MLM company distributes all unearned commissions back to its Distributor network via a worldwide pool, whereby the funds are allocated to the qualifying distributors eligible to enter that pool.

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NEW MLM Business Opportunity Maximize your commissions with dynamic compression:
Unlike many other MLM companies, the company pays out 100% of its commissions. When qualifications aren’t met, all available unpaid commissions are automatically “compressed” upline to qualifying Distributors to maximize their personal qualifications and subsequent bonus payouts.

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NEW MLM Business Opportunity Lifestyle bonuses are achievable:
Compared to many unrealistic MLM compensation plans that offer car bonus rewards and lifestyle bonuses, qualification is realistic and significantly less than accepted industry norms. Now you don't need to be a high powered top level Distributor to qualify. Our new MLM company makes it relatively easy for enterprising Executive Distributors to qualify for car bonus payments each month which can be put toward the lifestyle/car bonus of your choice.

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NEW MLM Business Opportunity Reward program creates genuine preferred customer loyalty:

One of the most overlooked aspects of most MLM companies is the customer. Distributors are oftentimes focused on the MLM potential and ignore Personal Customers. When a Preferred Customer is registered by purchasing product through a Distributors replicated website, the Distributor that has referred the customer earns 20% on the sale. The more the preferred customer buys and the more customers the Distributor gathers,  the more money the referring Distributor makes.

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NEW MLM Business Opportunity The most exciting MLM income opportunity available:
By combining the very best features of several compensation plans, this new MLM company has succeeded in creating a program allowing new Distributors to earn immediate income from retail customers as a platform to build their home business from. As Distributors find and recruit new Distributors into their teams, the income flow increases to ensure maximum bonuses are paid to those who are doing the work to make their businesses grow.

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"In 2003, 8.7 million procedures were performed by plastic surgeons on people who wanted to manage the signs of aging."

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"Our bodies have become Petri dishes of about 500 chemicals that were unknown in 1920."


"Scientists say that each day we need a minimum of 5,000 ORAC units of antioxidant to prevent the onset of metabolic disease and to prevent premature aging... That means eating the equivalent of 22 fresh apples per day...."


"As each decade passes, there is a steady loss of Adult Stem Cells available in the bloodstream of humans by approximately 10% per decade. This equates to the average adult at 50, operating on just 50% of the Adult Stem Cells available to them as a 10 year old."

Are you getting ANY Stem Cell nutrition in YOUR diet?

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"Each day in 2005, 327 people in the UK thought cancer was something that only others 'caught'!"


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Description: Perhaps the best new MLM/network marketing opportunity currently available in the world. Offering seamless international sponsoring, a unique patent protected product, scientifically proven to raise adult stem cells in the blood. This organic STEM CELL precursor is a natural product and has been developed specifically for the MLM/network marketing industry... Miss this significant NEW ethical MLM opportunity and YOU will regret it forever.

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