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NOTE: This is an Independent Representative website Views expressed here are not necessarily the views of ONE Group nor are they endorsed by ONE Group PL.

This page is for your information so you can make an informed decision about using common, toxic synthetic chemicals found in many so called "organic" skin care products on your skin.

Prior to the relaxed USDA rules governing organic certification for Skin Care and Cosmetics, Organic Natural Enterprise Group PL had to apply under the much stricter rules for Organic FOOD GRADE Standards. To the surprise of many in the industry, they succeeded! What this means to the consumer is simply this.


The skin care products are without compromise and are 100% Synthetic Chemical FREE!


If you look closely at the USDA Certificate issued on 21st July 2003 you will see the 001 number in the original certification. This confirms that ONE Group managed to become the first legitimate Certified Organic skin care manufacturer in the world to be actually certified as such by the USDA under FOOD GRADE standards.


Due to USDA Organic bowing to industry pressure and relaxing the regulations which now allows manufacturers to use "necessary" chemicals, ONE Group remains the first AND ONLY skin care company in the world to succeed in obtaining USDA Organic Certification for SKIN CARE made to FOOD GRADE STANDARDS.


Organic Natural Enterprise Group does not want to be associated with nor lumped into the same basket with other so-called "organic" and "natural" manufacturers who use toxic synthetic chemicals in their "organic" products and claim to be Certified Organic. Consequently the decision has been made to no longer use the USDA logo on the products nor in any advertising material. In addition, although the products easily surpass the UK Organic rules as defined by the leading UK Organic certifying body, under no circumstances does the company wish to be associated with the compromised standards which have been approved for the manufacture of "organic" skin care in the UK.


You may think you are using chemical free skin care when you see the words "Certified Organic". Think again, if the product isn't made to FOOD GRADE standards then it will almost surely have "necessary" synthetic chemicals added during the manufacturing process unless the product carries the ACO Organic seal.


ACO Australian Certified Organic remains one of the few organic organizations in the world whereby skin care and cosmetic products must still meet stringent "NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS" regulations which apply to food.

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