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Pesticides and MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Toxic Organophosphates Linked to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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A leading American scientist says he believes pesticides may be a far more serious public health threat than anyone has realised.

Nicholas Ashford, Professor of Technology and Policy at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says he thinks chemicals are the most serious environmental problem facing industrialised countries today.

Professor Ashford - who is also an advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme - is known for his work on the theory of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

The theory suggests people can become sensitised by exposure to one form of contamination so that they are then liable to be affected by a whole range of other pollutants, including detergents, traffic fumes and tobacco smoke. There is no known cure for MCS

Evidence in the UK

It may sound a far-fetched theory. But the experience of many British sheep farmers gives it credence. Hundreds of them have become ill after dipping their animals in organophosphate (OP) sheep dips. The symptoms range from the fairly mild sneezing and runny eyes of 'dipping 'flu' to muscle spasms, insomnia and overpowering fatigue. Some farmers say they have been driven to the brink of suicide.

Organo-Phosphates are highly toxic, derived from the same group of chemicals that the Nazis used in World War Two to manufacture nerve gases. Crucially, many farmers report that after exposure to OPs, they find that their symptoms can then be triggered off by exposure to a range of other chemicals. And Professor Ashford thinks that Organophosphates  may be one of the most common initiators of MCS.

Patients become sensitised

Organophosphates are not used exclusively in sheep dips.

They are also used for fumigating public transport vehicles, in shampoos used on children and adults, in flea collars and in many common household and garden insect sprays. So they are widely available.

The other chemical which Professor Ashford believes may be a principal cause of MCS is a compound called permethrin, which is used as a woodworm treatment. It is sprayed in about 5,000 British homes every week.

He and his colleagues have found that some patients, once sensitised by exposure to a chemical, react to subsequent levels of exposure so low that the techniques available in most laboratories cannot detect them at all.

Doctors baffled

And the baffled doctors, he says, unable to find a clear cause for the problem, tend to assume that it is all in the mind. Professor Ashford believes the huge rise in pesticide use over the last half century could explain many illnesses, ranging from skin rashes and breathing problems to cancers and birth defects.

Other research in the United States suggests that about one-third of the population -- sixty million people -- may be affected in some way.

Professor Ashford says: 'Pesticides are nerve poisons; they damage the brain and they are also known to be endocrine disruptors' (synthetic chemicals which interfere with naturally produced hormones).

He wants to see an immediate reduction in pesticide use until the effects are better understood, and is pressing for the formation of a European Union environment unit to study the problem.

The Health and Safety Executive has commissioned a British study of MCS from the Institute of Medicine. A report on OP sheep dips, by the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, is due to be published in November.

By BBC News Online's Environment Correspondent Alex Kirby


Health-Report comment:

The weight of evidence that chemicals - not just Organophosphates - contribute to MCS and a host of other diseases including cancer is overwhelming.

Every day we poison ourselves by not considering the chemicals we are ingesting and absorbing into our systems. Aware people can make informed decisions about the levels of exposure to toxic chemicals. It is up to you to spread the word and make more people especially your loved ones, aware of the insidious nature of toxic chemical - slow poisoning of our bodies.

We have the right to be free of chemicals yet vested interests still deny their chemicals cause any long term problems. It is absolutely scandalous that BIG MONEY controls the world to the extent that millions of people are now suffering from the long term effects of low-level exposure to their profit making chemicals.

I have a personal interest in this subject of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity having been exposed to enormous quantities of dangerous and toxic chemicals in my earlier days as a spraying contractor in NZ. The ensuing battle to recover took many years of dedication and hard work. However it was all worthwhile and now after many years of living in a twilight zone of permanently ill health I am largely recovered - no thanks to the chemical industry or a medical fraternity that continue to deny such a condition even exists.

The sheer arrogance of a profession that will not admit they do not know what causes so many of these debilitating symptoms never ceases to amaze me. The mere fact that they place the blame onto the patient because they have so-called psychological problems demonstrates their massive ignorance and indifference to this global problem.

Perhaps the psychological problems lie with the professionals that refuse to admit that tens of thousands of documented cases of MCS actually exist. It is not until they are struck down themselves with MCS that they may start to understand the intense misery caused by the destruction of our immune systems from chemicals in our diets, our personal care products, our food and in the environment!

Geoff Goldie


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