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Health-Report Privacy Policy

We are totally opposed to SPAM. at the website

WE DO NOT pass or sell your email address on to any commercial third party.

We will not sell your email address to anyone else

By submitting your details to us in a form YOU give us PERMISSION to email you with more information about the details you have requested from us.

Your email address and personal details are not added to a list of people to send endless spam emails to. However, your details are held on record indefinitely, just in case someone mistakenly accuses us of sending spam emails to them.

Your email is only added to an appropriate list to ensure you receive the FULL information you have requested when filling in and submitting a form requesting us to to send information.

A return path is always provided in the email and you can stop ALL emails permanently from us by simply by clicking on the active remove or change email address link supplied on every email delivered to you

Accusations of spam, when you have requested the information in the first place will be dealt with very seriously and will result in the complete blacklisting of your email address in our own information data bank and also the automatic inclusion of your email address to countless other information services on the Internet. This helps genuine information providers to eliminate irresponsible people from our listserver databanks, who cause many of the problems we have with delivery of genuine emails.

Any remove request which comes into us accusing us of sending a spam email to you will result in the permanent removal your email from our records and also prevent that email address from ever being used to request more information from us in the future.

Due to the very high rate of requests for information, we need to use automation in our responses and cannot deal with individual spam complaints on a personal level. Our software will detect the word "spam" in the subject line or in the body of the email and is programmed to deal with the email address as outlined above.

Any repeated accusation of spam will result in your ISP being contacted and your name and email being placed on a list of serial complainers. ISPs will and DO take action against people who habitually and wrongfully accuse information providers of spamming them.

If you would like direct contact from us, simply fill in the Contact Us form.