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Amazing Results

My Health Practitioner recommended I take your Certified Organic all natural In-Liven probiotic formula after I had tried many ayuvedic and naturopathic remedies, colonics and fasts for irritable bowel syndrome without success. Within a few days of taking In-Liven I was able to detect a noticeable improvement in my energy level and my tummy seemed less bloated and upset. After 3 months intake, I knew I was on the road to recovery. My Naturopath then checked me on his Vega machine and was amazed at the turnaround. To this day I continue to make good progress.

 April C. Ocean Shores NSW  

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"I Can't Believe the Difference"

"I have been using your range of Certified Organic Natural Skin Care products and the Pro-biotic formula now for just 3 months and I can't believe the difference these genuine natural products have made to my skin and to my overall feeling of well-being in this short time. The chronic IBS has all but disappeared now and only flairs up when I eat all the wrong foods. Candida is a thing of the past for me too.

I was using a so-called "natural" skin care range supplied by a well known company that maintained their particular chemicals were of the "safe non-toxic" variety. I found they were virtually no better than many of the far cheaper over the counter products and in fact they contained all the same preservatives and emollients just named differently. I was sure I was getting allergic reactions to the methyl ethyl and propyl paraben preservatives and probably the propylene glycol base used in them.

I am so angry that unscrupulous vested interests market these alphabet soup concoctions of chemicals on a platform of being "safe" and "natural" when they are far from it. Since I have stopped using the synthetic chemical based products I have had a marked improvement, not only with my skin but my Chronic Fatigue problems due to the bowel troubles have improved remarkably too.

I guess the chemicals in the fake "natural" products were slowly poisoning my system and now my body is gradually clearing out the chemical overload. I will never return to using the toxic mixtures of chemicals I used to use! Certified Organic is the only label I will ever trust again!"

Joan W. NSW

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A Life Saver

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome nearly 6 years ago. Ever since I have been trying everything, following doctors advice, alternative treatments and therapies, all sorts of "quack cures" - simply everything I could find which may help me get through the days of absolute fatigue and apathy I was experiencing.

Doctors seemed to have few answers for the problems, with one specialist sending me to a psychologist for therapy. I knew there was absolutely nothing wrong with my mental health and this was a gross insult to my intelligence. It seemed I had tried everything. Mineral formulas, herbal blends of 20 plus herbs, wonder formulas collected from the depths of the ocean from seaweed etc etc. All supposed to work miracles for CFS sufferers and other common complaints doctors have few answers for.

It wasn't until I came across your Certified Organic Probiotic formula and started reading up on the scientifically proven benefits of "good" bacteria in the gut that suddenly a light went on in my head. Perhaps this was the key! It wasn't so much the lack of nutrients in my system - but the inability to absorb them that was causing my problems.

I started with just half a teaspoon twice a day and built up gradually to 3 teaspoons per day. After just a few days I couldn't believe the difference I was feeling in my energy levels and how I was getting through the days without collapsing into bed by mid afternoon.

Now after three months I can honestly say the formula has worked wonders for me. Although not completely free of all the symptoms, I'm almost back to how I used to feel 10 years ago. I'm absolutely certain in my own mind, my body was starving for the nutrients it needed, simply because they weren't being absorbed and used by my body.


Probiotics really are for life. Thank you so much for this wonderful product! I will never stop taking it.


Colleen S. QLD


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