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One Third of Probiotics - "Good Bacteria" Products Like Acidophilus, Found to be Worthless

Belgian biologists have concluded after studying 55 products labeled "probiotic" that in fact not every product that claims to be "probiotic" actually contains the bacteria associated with the claim. In addition, in most cases the researchers found bacteria other than those named on the label

"Probiotic" refers to foods that contain certain bacteria, which are said to have beneficial effects on colon flora and the immune system.

The researchers studied the micro-flora of 25 dairy products and 30 powdered products that are used as nutritional supplements. More than a third of the powdered products contained no living bacteria whatsoever - unlike the dairy products, which contained up to a billion living microorganisms per milliliter.

In identifying the bacteria, they found that only 13% of the products contained all bacteria types included on the label.

Meanwhile, in one third of all the products, the researchers found other bacteria not listed on the label. However, these could be classified as harmless. The researchers criticize that the packaging often features incorrect, but nice-sounding bacteria names. They say that in the interest of the consumer, it is necessary to label the products correctly.

This research will be published later this year in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.

101st General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Orlando, Florida; May 2001

Health-Report Comment:

Here at the Health-Report website we know many of the claims made for alternative treatments are unfounded and not backed by anything of substance at all. More often than not it is some obscure doctor or scientist or promoter you have never heard of espousing the wonderful benefits of their own particular "breakthrough" and "miracle" products. The alternative health industry is rife with charlatans. I repeatedly remind you throughout the Health-Report website, vested interests are in business to make as much money as possible from a gullible public when it comes to health. Drug companies are amongst the worst in the world when claims are being bandied about. Of course backed by "scientific" data the drug manufacturers are legally allowed to describe their own particular toxic witches brews a little too vividly for my liking. But so are many of the manufacturers of alternative products like the probiotic formulas mentioned above.

This was why, until very recently we remained independent and did not recommend any particular product on  the www.health-report.co.uk website. However, the more I delved into the damage that continual exposure to chemicals in all their forms, were, and of course continue to do, to the western population as a whole, the more I realised that something needed to be done. It wasn't until I was approached to look closely into the organic industry that at last I had found a way to make a real difference in people's lives. The organic industry, although without their own problems with quasi certifying bodies being set up by self serving vested interest, is, on the whole, ethical and producing products actually certified safe and free of chemicals by Internationally recognised government appointed bodies.

This is why we always say look for the recognised and respected Certified Organic logos such as the USDA Organic logo and the Australian Certified Organic logo on products before you buy them. This way you can be 100% certain, proper and extremely stringent audits have been done on the crops grown by the individual farmers, the essential oils and extracts used in the manufacturing of the products and the way the products are produced and packed, means the consumer is protected from ludicrous and unfounded claims made by the unregulated manufacturers of most other products. Beware of other organisations which have compromised their standards to allow "necessary" chemicals into their products. It's amazing how vested interests can lean on so-called independent bodies and force them to change their standards.

Quite simply, Certified Organic is your guarantee of being chemical free and by using products manufactured to the highest possible standards in the world you are protecting your health.

This is, on the most part, an ethical industry and you should be supporting it as much as you can.

Freedom to use chemical free products should be our right - not a privilege!

Geoff Goldie


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