Chiropractic treatment involves manipulating the spine.  Some chiropractic organisations tend to claim benefits for a large range of ailments and conditions.  However, in the opinion of the author, the main benefit for the patient using chiropractic treatment is in realigning the spine and the relief of back pain.  Any improvement in a condition like psoriasis may be more coincidental rather than anything else. 

An holistic approach to health is by far the best approach.  Using chiropractic treatment as an adjunct to an holistic approach may be of positive benefit to some people with psoriasis.  Side effects are rare from chiropractic treatment.  However it does pay to get a second opinion from another Health Practitioner before any ongoing spinal manipulation is undertaken.  Occasionally cases of spinal cancer and other serious conditions have gone undetected for some time before the underlying problem has surfaced when affected patients have relied on chiropractic treatment alone.

The overall effectiveness of chiropractic treatment, specifically for psoriasis, has not been proven in any trials at all.  However many chiropractors do use treatments that encompass a holistic approach to health including diet and cleansing enemas.  In these cases then I have no hesitation in saying chiropractic treatment will probably help the vast majority of people who use it as part of their overall health plan.

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