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Much has been written over the years on diet and the role it plays in psoriasis, with almost all of it misleading to a greater or lesser extent.  There is no one diet that really does suit everyone for everything and no real scientific evidence exists to show whether a specific diet does help psoriasis sufferers.

General good advice seems to be applicable as far as diet is concerned for people with psoriasis.  It is becoming patently obvious to informed Natural Health professionals that a potent imbalance is existing in our diets caused by a predominance of omega 6 vegetable oils in our foods and a lack of essential omega3 oils.

Any dietary advice should encompass removing all manufactured food and chemical additives from the diet and increasing the intake of live food.  That is food that has not been denatured by storage and chemicals and by manufacturing and reconstituting our food.  Anyone who has a predominance of dead manufactured and adulterated food in their diet will suffer from some form of metabolic disease sooner or later.  This is a foregone conclusion in the minds of all enlightened Natural Health practitioners. 

So even though I can't actually recommend a specific diet as such in this short space, I do suggest you start eating the way our ancestors did.  That is to eat "live food" from organically grown vegetables, source your meat from organic farms and include fish in your diet on a regular basis.  Avoid too many carbohydrates in the form of grains and sugars and avoid too much dairy produce.  However, use butter in preference to margarine because of the natural omega 3 oils found in butter from grass fed cows. You will find much relevant information in my E-Book for psoriasis sufferers.

Many people do report specific foods that cause psoriasis to flare up.  This could well be due to specific food intolerances causing an upset to the individuals metabolism and thereby resulting in an immune system dysfunction.  After all psoriasis is a known autoimmune problem  and food allergies and intolerances are known to be key factors in immune system dysfunction and also causing the body to become stressed.  Beware of chemicals in the food you eat too!

For a proper look at diet and food intolerances read our in depth free e-book on psoriasis and Natural Health.

There is no specific diet guidelines that people with psoriasis should follow as such.  The best diet is one that increases intake of live vegetables, a modest amount of meat from free range and grass fed animals, modest amounts of fruit, and regular fish meals for the omega 3 oils.  Decrease intake of vegetable oils and omega 6 and carbohydrates from grains and sugars.  A diet on these broad guidelines will make the majority people feel better in themselves and possibly give substantial help to psoriasis sufferers.  People with psoriasis will benefit greatly from a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, just like everybody else.

Quite a few rigid dietary regimes have been put forward with claims that they will improve psoriasis. Convincing scientific studies have not been conducted to verify these claims as yet but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest diet does play a very important role!

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