The promotion and use of magnets for relieving pain has become very popular in recent times. There are theories as to why they might be effective but no one is really sure on why or how magnets work.

It's easy to find positive testimonials about magnet therapy, but proper scientific studies are very short on the ground. Magnet therapy may be worth a try for person suffering with arthritis associated with psoriasis to help with controlling the pain.  Anecdotal reports of unpleasant side effects when using  magnet therapy are reasonably common, therefore magnet therapy cannot be guaranteed to be safe.  Consult with a skilled Health Practitioner who has experience with magnet therapy before making the decision to use it.

No evidence exists to suggest that magnets will have any bearing on the underlying cause of the problem for psoriasis sufferers because psoriasis is an autoimmune problem and should be addressed using a holistic approach. 

Read our free e-book on psoriasis and Natural Health for an over all holistic approach to the problem.

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