There is clear anecdotal and scientific evidence that stress can trigger or aggravate psoriasis in many people. Practices that promote relaxation and stress reduction are often recommended for people with psoriasis with good results.

Hypnosis, both on its own and as an addition to other psoriasis treatment, was cited as being helpful in clearing psoriasis in several published case reports. One study examined the use of meditation-based relaxation tapes in patients undergoing ultraviolet light (UV) treatments. Patients who listened to the tapes during the treatments cleared fasteróin some cases, twice as fastóthan patients who had the light therapy alone. Along those same lines, an unpublished study found that PUVA (a type of UV therapy) patients who had some type of psychological intervention or relaxation training/guided imagery improved much faster than patients who had no intervention.

The mind can be a powerful tool for healing. Any technique that can help people with psoriasis learn to manage stress and give them a better sense of control over the mental aspects of the disease is potentially worthwhile. These techniques, however, seem to work best when used to supplementónot replaceómore traditional treatments.

Read our free e-book on Psoriasis and Natural Health.  Inner peace and leading a stress free lifestyle helps control psoriasis considerably. When combined with an holistic approach to health, the results are always lasting and ongoing for the patient.

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