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Repressed anger may trigger both the onset of psoriasis and individual 'flare-ups' of the disease. Psoriasis occurs when immature skin cells rise to the surface of the skin, forming hard, itchy areas which sometimes crack and bleed. The disease is chronic and can occur in outbreaks severe enough to require hospitalization. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF), worldwide figures show that 1% to 3% of people have psoriasis.

Anger-expression came up as being the most important correlate of early-onset versus late-onset psoriasis. Psoriasis can begin at any point in life. but the researchers labelled those who first experienced the disease before the age of 40 as "early-onset" cases. "The younger-onset people had more psychopathology and (repressed) anger.. The researchers found that when you talk to patients with psoriasis, many of them will make a very direct link between a stressful life situation and a flare-up of their psoriasis. The stress is often from an unresolved interpersonal conflict.

Skin & Allergy News (September 1997)


Eds Note: Psoriasis is a known immune system malfunction and obviously to any thinking person 'repressed anger' does not cause psoriasis. To even consider that it does is typical of the blinkered approach by so may medical researchers into problem diseases like psoriasis. Of course stress may contribute to an outbreak of psoriasis but never would it be the direct cause of the underlying condition!

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