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We publish these true stories of people who have found natural ways to overcome problems with psoriasis. Under no circumstances are you to take what is written here as medical advice. However we do retain the right to publish the truth about troubling conditions that doctors often have no answers for!


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One woman's story...  The Importance of Minerals and Nutrients

One woman's story

"I became aware of psoriasis only after visiting my doctor who diagnosed the unsightly flaking skin on my elbows as indeed being psoriasis around about 9 years ago.

Up until this time I had blithely travelled through life with hardly a second thought about health. It was always someone else that one heard of that was suffering from some sort of ailment. Although I had noticed I was getting more than my fair share of colds and flu's and my joints were starting to ache, I just put that down to my stressful job and the long hours I was working.

The doctor gave me a steroid cream which seemed to work wonderfully on the psoriasis patches on my elbows and it cleared up within a month. However after stopping the treatment it gradually came back again and I would have to start with the steroid cream again. After a couple of years of this, the problem started to spread and I had patches appearing on my legs and elsewhere. I was starting to become embarrassed about how I looked and sought more medical advice. I was given a prescription which involved bathing in a coal tar solution. I was horrified when I keyed "coal tar" into the google search engine and found that this product was implicated with cancer and indeed was a proven carcinogen. I think I used it once and threw the rest of the unused product in the rubbish. My work as a bar manager exposed me to enough carcinogens from smokers without deliberately putting them on my body.

I now had psoriasis on my scalp and was becoming very concerned about it continuing to spread. A special shampoo I was using prescribed by the doctor and very expensive was not helping and the problem was worsening.

I had read about people who had visited the Dead Sea and after several weeks of bathing in the sea and having mudpacks applied to them they would return home and be free of psoriasis for years it seemed. However everything I read seemed to indicate it would come back again and another treatment would be needed. Well unfortunately I was not in a financial position to travel to the Dead Sea for treatment every year or two so I continued to try and find what was actually causing the condition in the first place.

I couldn't get over how many people out there are just waiting to rip you off selling all sorts of miracle cures and treatments with so called guaranteed results. After months of painstaking research I started to realise that chemicals may be implicated along with mineral deficiencies in the body.

It seemed logical to me that if the Dead Sea treatment was so effective then just maybe it was the absorption of minerals through the skin that was actually giving the relief rather than any other factor. I also read that the Dead Sea is the most heavily mineralised body of water in the world. I also became aware around this time of how a lot of the land being farmed for our vegetable crops is becoming demineralised and is lacking in many of the essential trace elements. The pieces of the puzzle were slowly fitting together for me but there had to be something else too. There was definitely more to this than just a nutritional cause in my opinion.

It was then I had a CD come through the post "Called House of Horrors" and being curious I played it thinking it was some sort of gimmick. I listened in complete bewilderment as I heard the narrator speak about toxic chemicals in toiletries and how they are implicated in all sorts of health problems and metabolic diseases such as cancer. Although she didn't mention psoriasis I could see there was probably a link to all auto-immune dysfunction diseases and exposure to chemicals.

The first product I checked for toxic chemicals was the expensive shampoo prescribed for me by the doctor and there in pride of place was sodium lauryl sulphate the exact toxic chemical mentioned on the CD as being a known irritant and potentially dangerous chemical... especially for people who are chemically sensitised. I was horrified to see it was the major ingredient in the prescription shampoo!  I stopped using it immediately and threw it away because it hadn't helped my condition at all! In fact the problem had continued to get steadily worse.

After reading through an e-book on natural health all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly became completely clear to me. It was now obvious to me the 'Dead Sea Treatment' worked because it re-mineralised the body and replaced lacking elements in the diet. Surely if I could find some sort of broad spectrum bio-available mineral/antioxidant formula combined with phytonutrients it would be a good start.

My next task was to source safe non-toxic products that would not contribute to any allergic reaction and make the psoriasis worse. This took a lot of effort before I found suitable products. At first I thought they were expensive but I use so little and the results have been amazing. I also found that the same company that supplied the low allergen products also supplied a wonderful trace element formula and phytonutrient ant-oxidant combination.

The first thing I noticed within a week was a huge increase in my energy levels but no noticeable difference in the psoriasis. Although I had been warned not to expect any noticeable improvement with the psoriasis for at least 2 months.

My friend's friend who had recommended the direct sales company's products to me knew someone who also had psoriasis and was at that stage gradually improving after 3 months. I guess if it takes a lifetime for your body to break down and stop coping then a few months for it to start coming right is nothing. So I was prepared to be patient and follow the advice I was being given and stick to it for at least 12 months. After all none of the medical treatments had slowed up the progression of the psoriasis over the preceding 8 years so I had nothing to lose.

If the way I felt was any indication of how much good the formula was doing for me then I would have continued to take it for the increased energy levels indefinitely anyway!

I also started rubbing pure aloe vera juice direct from the split leaf of a growing plant another friend kindly gave me, direct onto the psoriasis on my scalp and elbows. It was very soothing and to my overwhelming joy I could start to see significant improvement after just two months. It was like being born again and having a new start on life without being blighted.

It was around this time I took a short break away for a week at a holiday resort in the Mediterranean and like an idiot I forgot to take the mineral formula and the non-toxic shampoo. Although I was worried, I thought a week would not set me back that much and when I looked at the small bottle of shampoo supplied in the hotel room there were no ingredients listed on it. I tried to tell myself perhaps it didn't have SLS in it. I used it twice! I should have known better. The psoriasis which had been responding so well on my scalp suddenly returned with an angry red colour and became itchy and sore.

Well if I wasn't convinced about the role that toxic chemicals were playing in my psoriasis before... I was now. I couldn't wait to get home and use my safe shampoo again.

That was about 12 months ago now and I have continued to take my mineral formula and ant-oxidants with religious fervour. I had to ease up on the aloe vera for a while as it ran out of leaves until I was able to propagate some more young plants. I avoid contact with any skin cream or shampoo that contains propylene glycol, SLS and synthetic chemicals any kind and never use unnatural soap soap or product that has sodium hydroxide in it and that includes toothpaste!

The results are just so heartening for me. My scalp is clear of psoriasis and so are my legs with just one persistent area left on my right elbow which is getting smaller and fainter every month!

Thank you so much for all you help and advice!

Pam K. Midlands UK

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