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Topical Products

An important part in the treatment of psoriasis is moisturising the skin.  The market, alternative and medical, is full of moisturising products that give varying degrees of beneficial results.   Of course, because psoriasis is an autoimmune dysfunction, no amount of external treatment will "cure" the problem long term.  However there is one tried and proven topical treatment from the Natural Therapy field that has shown very good results. Aloe vera was shown in one study to be effective in treating psoriasis externally.  Many sufferers report that taking a dietary supplement containing adequate and proper quantities of pure aloe vera extract, enhances significantly the topical treatment of applying aloe vera to the affected areas. (Eds Note:  I have first hand knowledge of this with my partner's mother who has had immediate and ongoing relief from psoriasis using concentrated aloe vera gel on the affected areas, taking the aloe vera supplement orally, plus using a broad spectrum phyto-nutrient and mineral supplement.)  For more information on aloe vera Click Here

Other alternative topical treatments may include Neem oil, emu oil, jojoba and other substances.  However no evidence that they help psoriasis is documented as has been done with aloe vera.  They may give some relief because of their moisturizing properties. Oat derivatives are known to be soothing to the skin and bathing in warm water with oats added seems to bring temporary relief to many who have tried this.

Other topical products such as witch hazel, tea tree oil, mahonia aquifolium, capsaicin and evening primrose oil may have medicinal effects.  (Eds Note:  be careful with tea tree oil as it can be quite stringent and cause inflammation in susceptible people.  Try a very small quantity on a very small area of the skin first)  Capsaicin (a natural ingredient in hot peppers) helped scaling, redness and itching in two studies on psoriasis, and it is also well known as a topical pain reliever. Capsaicin products are available over the counter in some places.

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