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Sodium Benzoate Reacts With Ascorbic Acid/Vitamin C - Creates Toxic Levels of Benzene
Benzene found at potentially toxic levels in health drinks and soft drinks

Sodium benzoate also known as benzoic acid is often used as a natural preservative in liquid drinks and in manufactured food and has been resulting in a chemical reaction causing benzene to form.

Before using any health drink, make sure it does not contain the preservative sodium benzoate or benzoic acid. If it does insist on written documentation the product is benzene FREE... BEFORE you use the product! See paraben synonyms for more common names.

As I gather more factual information in regard to sodium benzoate/benzoic acid preservative reactions with Vitamin C I will keep posting it on this site. Come back in a few days.

In the meantime check your liquid health drink for one of the following preservatives sodium benzoate, benzoic acid and potassium benzoate. All are members of the paraben family of chemicals and pose potential risks when combined with ascorbic acid.

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