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Amazing Opportunity for Work at Home Moms

If you are a stay at home Mom and need extra cash - this home based business in the ORGANIC INDUSTRY may be exactly what you are seeking.

International Home Based Business Opportunity for Moms

100% synthetic chemical FREE products. Certified Organic your guarantee the products are pure and natural!

International business opportunity. Seamless sponsoring into all the major markets! Earn bonus credits on customers and downline worldwide.

Australian CERTIFIED ORGANIC company offers you the opportunity to start your own Home Based Business in the fast expanding Organic Industry...

The best work at home business opportunity currently available in the USA... AND it's CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Certified Organic Business Opportunity for Moms at Home

Are you a busy Mom at home or an even busier Mom who has chosen to go back to work?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself there must be a better way to earn a living rather than the grind of working for someone else, punching time clocks, paying for day care, the grind of commuting and the sheer stress of it all?

Well...  NOW there is a way for Moms to earn a living from home in perhaps the most ethical and the fastest growing industry in the world.


Our Certified Organic company needs YOU to help with the marketing of safe non-toxic 100% synthetic-chemical-FREE Skin Care, Cosmetics and Health Care products from the comfort of your own home!

If you're a Mom at home, own a computer and you have an Internet connection - you could earn substantial money from this home based business! If you prefer you can build your business the more conventional way with Home Presentations and Party Plan

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The growth of Organics is staggering... READ ON for an overview of the Organic Industry and the Business Opportunity.

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Can YOU imagine earning a living simply by telling others how they can get synthetic chemicals out of their lives? If you have an interest in Natural Health and Well-being it is a simple step to offer your friends and loved ones the opportunity to use safe CERTIFIED ORGANIC alternatives. Would you like to be paid to tell others about genuine organic products?

If you are concerned about the effects of chemicals on your health and the health of your loved ones, and you need extra income - this home business for Moms may be exactly what you need. READ ON

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Products without compromise

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Organics Skin Care Hobby for Queensland Mom


What started a few years ago as a hobby in her kitchen for a Queensland Mom Narelle C. looks set to start a revolution - not only in the natural skincare - beauty and cosmetic industry - but in the Certified Organic industry and the Network Marketing fraternity too! Her search for truly natural skincare and cosmetic products began almost a decade ago after finding out through her own extensive research that many of the so-called "natural" and "safe" synthetic chemical ingredients were actually very toxic and potentially very dangerous to the long term health of of anyone who had used them continuously on their skin for years. It didn't make sense to Narelle for Moms with young children, to be using chemicals on themselves and on their children in particular.

NONE of the man-made synthetic chemical ingredients in products the various manufacturers claimed to be "natural" "organic" and "safe" had ever been subjected to long term studies of five years or more for body toxicity or what is now universally called the 'body-load' of toxic chemicals. 

Even worse - manufacturers of "safe" and "natural" products who claimed they had cruelty free products and did not test THEIR own products on animals, used synthetic chemicals which of course had been extensively tested on animals by independent laboratories! This was a gross misrepresentation of the actual facts relating to animal testing and worthy of more investigation.  

Toxic Chemicals Accumulate in Babies

Toxic synthetic chemicals have been shown to accumulate through bio-magnification in all species, particularly humans and whales who are at the top of the food chain. The off spring of humans and whales alike are particularly prone to what is called Bio-magnification. Bio-magnification is caused  by low level exposure to perhaps one or dozens of the chemical industry's toxic chemicals over long periods of time. Often the exposure includes hundreds of the 75,000 plus synthetic chemicals that are in every day use. It is extremely disturbing to find literally thousands of examples of these alphabet-soup synthetic man-made chemicals in mainstream, so-called "natural" and "organic" skincare and personal care products - as well as food and household products. Another good example of Bio Magnification is the accumulation of PCBs in farmed salmon. Some Scottish salmon have been found with over 100 times the safe limit for PCBs. Yet PCBs were banned around 30 years ago!  

When Narelle couldn't find a range of natural organic skincare products that was truly pure and free of ALL chemicals, she decided to create her own from using only Certified Organic raw materials. Back to Top

"After only six weeks of using your natural organic products I am seeing a marked reduction in the sebaceous cysts and puffiness under my eyes. I have had both problems for many years and was told I would need plastic surgery to correct them" Michelle M Box Hill, Vic

"As a busy Mom raising three children under six, I became concerned about the impact chemicals may be having on my eldest after watching a program on TV about the huge increase in ADHD and  problems children and parents alike were experiencing. I replaced every chemical based product in the house with organic products, bought fiber cleaning cloths so I could throw out the household cleaners and had the children using the organic shampoo and conditioner as well as getting them onto the Pro-Biotic formula. The difference has to be seen to be believed. My youngest child's eczema cleared up within 2 weeks and the oldest one has no where near the problems he was experiencing at school with the ADHD. He continues to improve markedly. The products are just absolutely wonderful and I can thoroughly recommend them to other Moms with young families.

Julia K CA

"It's sensational! My skin has never felt so good in all these years; it looks so healthy and glowing after only two days! I am so excited about these natural skin care products and will be telling all my friends and family" Yvonne M. Clarkeson WA

Certified Organic = PURE and NATURAL

In 2001 Australia's principal organic certifying body, the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) awarded their prestigious "Australian Certified Organic" seal of approval to the natural organic range the Qld Mom had developed. The Certified Organic label applies to the complete range of natural skin care products. Also, a brand new range of completely natural Certified Organic cosmetics has been developed with the assistance of an Australian government grant. ALL products in this new cosmetic range easily meet the stringent International code for Certified Organic status. In addition to these exciting new product lines, a range of household and personal care products have also been officially Certified Organic by the BFA. All the products are natural and certified as safe and completely free of man-made chemicals.

"We are enormously excited by our future prospects," says Narelle. "We hope to bring the benefits of sustainable, planet friendly natural organic agriculture to the fore and educate people about the importance of avoiding toxic synthetic chemicals in their daily lives."

She is very passionate about enlightening consumers and giving them practical advice to follow. She writes for leading natural health publications and has gained considerable popularity on TV and radio by explaining the difference between pseudo "natural" "safe" and "organic" and the legitimate - completely genuine, natural and safe Certified Organic products.

My Health Practitioner recommended I take your Certified Organic all natural In-Liven pro-biotic formula after I had tried many ayuvedic and naturopathic remedies, colonics and fasts for irritable bowel syndrome without success. Within a few days of taking In-Liven I was able to detect a noticeable improvement in my energy level and my tummy seemed less bloated and upset. After 3 months intake, I knew I was on the road to recovery. My Naturopath then checked me on his Vega machine and was amazed at the turnaround. To this day I continue to make good progress. April C. Ocean Shores NSW

Network Marketing

From early on it became apparent a structured approach to marketing the Certified Organic natural skincare product line was needed. It wasn't simply a matter of throwing money into advertising and selling the products along with all the other pseudo "organic" and "natural" products on the shelves of health shops and stores. The typical customer looking at a "natural" skincare product would never realize the vast difference between a "natural" and claimed "organic" product as opposed to a product which was actually Certified Organic and truly natural. The only truly effective way to penetrate the "natural beauty" market and the burgeoning organic market with legitimate certified products, was to educate people first and foremost to the advantages and the safety of using natural and Certified Organic skincare products (which are made to food grade standards by the way). Once consumers knew the difference between a glorified "natural organic" product and a Certified Organic product - then the decision to use the genuine natural article would be elementary for them. Back to Top

Proven Marketing Force

Although Narelle's Natural Organic products are available through some specially selected Certified Organic retail stores, the most powerful marketing force in the world "word of mouth" is now being implemented to spread the news of these unique Certified Organic products throughout the length and breadth of Australia and indeed the world -

"Word of mouth" advertising is without doubt THE MOST effective advertising force ever utilized and is an age old medium.

In a world full of marketing noise and hype, a simple referral by a trusted associate or friend will carry far more weight then any other form of advertising - no matter how much money is thrown into the hype and glitz of media advertising.  To facilitate a quick transition into the Network Marketing field Narelle has joined forces with  two other recognized industry leaders. One from the Australian Certified Organic movement itself and the other a highly successful Network Marketer responsible for setting up two of Australia's largest and best known network organizations. The new company thus formed, has been trading successfully now for over 12 months and has been enjoying remarkable growth of up to 40% per month!

Home Based Business for Moms in perhaps THE Fastest Growing Industry

The decision to utilize Referral Marketing, or Networking as it is commonly known throughout the world, has resulted in a very significant Home Based Business Opportunity for Moms wishing to work from home. If you are a Mom with family at home and want to capitalize on the fast expanding natural health and beauty industry, you would be well advised to thoroughly check out this opportunity to distribute these wonderful safe, Australian made Certified Organic products without delay.

You know what they say about being in at the start of major new trend when it comes to marketing!

The Certified Organic industry is now recognized as one of the fastest growing industries in the world with sustained growth exceeding 20% compounded per year in all the major markets. Growth in the UK alone is exceeding 30% per year. Average global growth exceeds 20% per year.


Find out how YOU... as a Stay at Home Mom could earn substantial income from this opportunity.

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"I Can't Believe the Difference"

"I have been using your complete range of Certified Organic Natural Skin Care products and the Pro-biotic formula now for just 3 months and I can't believe the difference these genuine natural products have made to my skin and to my overall feeling of well-being in this short time.

I was using a so-called "natural" skin care range supplied by a well known company that maintained their particular chemicals were of the "safe non-toxic" variety. I found they were virtually no better than many of the far cheaper over the counter products and in fact they contained all the same preservatives and emollients just named differently. I was sure I was getting allergic reactions to the methyl ethyl and propyl paraben preservatives and probably the propylene glycol base used in them.

I am so angry that unscrupulous vested interests market these alphabet soup concoctions of chemicals on a platform of being "safe" and "natural" when they are far from it. Since I have stopped using the synthetic chemical based products I have had a marked improvement, not only with my skin but my Chronic Fatigue problems have improved remarkably too.

I guess the chemicals in the fake "natural" products were slowly poisoning my system and now my body is gradually clearing out the chemical overload. I will never return to using the toxic mixtures of chemicals I used to use!"

Joan W. NSW


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